About me

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I am licensed in the state of Minnesota as a Marriage and Family Therapist (Lic #2808) and have my Master’s Degree from Saint Mary's University of MN. Prior to this, I completed my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Minnesota in Psychology, and my Associates Degree at Normandale Community College. I have advanced training in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders through Postpartum Support International and am trained in EMDR, working toward EMDRIA Certification. I was a yoga teacher in my former life, thus welcome those with a desire to incorporate mind-body practices into their lives. In my spare time I enjoy connecting with other women, getting outside with my family and doing yoga.

When I became a mom everything changed. I began to look at my career through a new lens and if I was going to be away from my family I wanted each minute of my work to matter. I wanted to know for sure I was making a difference in each person’s life I worked with.

I have several distinct yet often overlapping areas of interest and have specific training in each. They include eating disorders, perinatal mental health and trauma. 

I spent several years working within an eating disorder clinic and truly loved watching the transformation people can make in recovery.  I learned firsthand how destructive these type of issues are for those affected, as well as the people in their life, and find it is an often misunderstood area of mental health. I enjoy working with those struggling with all types of eating related concerns, whether they have sought treatment before or not.
I also knew I wanted to be around childbirth in some capacity, as I was always fascinated by the process. That interest turned to fierce advocacy as I experienced the birth of my two children. I feel parents deserve so much better than what is the norm right now in our society, and strive to be an advocate for maternal mental health support.

In March of 2018 I found myself craving a change and decided to start my own practice while still working full time with a agency. When I learned of BirthED and felt the energy of the space I knew it would be a great place to put down some roots. Even though I have moved a few blocks down the street now to my own office space I am a major supporter of BirthED and their clients. Click HERE to learn more about this wonderful company.