Areas of Specialty


Perinatal Mental Health

The perinatal period encompasses those pregnant and postpartum up to one year. My training also includes those trying to conceive a child, struggling to conceive, those who have experiences a loss either during pregnancy and infancy and those who are parents through adoption.

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Anxiety, Panic and Obsessive Thoughts

Children, adolescence, adults and even the elderly- no one is exempt from developing anxiety. Sometimes anxiety originates from trauma, other times its irrational and seemed to come out of nowhere. No matter what the context anxiety is treatable!

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Eating Disorder and Body Image

We all eat food and at some point we all come to realize we have a body and its unique to us. Food can become an obsession and the body the enemy. Disordered eating patterns, compulsive exercise, chronic dieting and hating your body are way too common in our society. Recovery is possible. Believe me- I know.

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